Tauiwi Tautoko started off as a community project to see how we could address racism on the internet. We believed that Tangata Tiriti, Pākehā and Tauiwi had a role to play in anti-racism, so that Māori could spend their time focusing on what matters to them. 

ActionStation collaborated with Dr. Emily Beausoleil from Victoria University, Wellington to equip volunteers over the course of ten weeks with evidence-based listening and messaging techniques to have more caring, thoughtful and informed interactions online.

In 2021, ActionStation is building on this work to bring you the Tautoko Webinar Series. Every week, we have incredible communities starting up campaigns on OurActionStation to create change in Aotearoa. Behind every petition, are dedicated people who are committed to all kinds of different kaupapa (issues). 

The Tautoko Webinar Series will offer a safe space for you to learn about different kaupapa and invite you into the ‘engine room’ of our campaigns where Māori are taking tino rangatiratanga into their own hands and Tangata Tiriti are coming through to support. You will get a chance to meet the people behind the petition, and be invited to take action so you can tautoko each kaupapa from where you stand. 

To learn more about each webinar and find out when they go live, click here.

To find out more about Tauiwi Tautoko, the original community project, click here.