Marnie Prickett

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Marnie Prickett is an organiser and spokesperson for Choose Clean Water, a

campaign aiming to strengthening New Zealand’s freshwater policy in order to

protect human, wildlife and environmental health. She is the recipient of 2017 Te

Reo mo te Awa Award for her work advocating for the health of rivers and was

nominated for the NZ Herald’s New Zealander of the Year 2017.

Marnie's background is in environmental education and horticulture. She has a

Bachelor of Agricultural Science and an MSc (Ecology) looking at water quality

on Molesworth Station.

She currently is in advisory roles for government on water policy and to Pāmu

(Landcorp) as the Chair of their Environmental Reference Committee.

She is dedicated to seeing Aotearoa become an international leader in the

protection and restoration of rivers and lakes, and freshwater management.