Volunteers at ActionStation

What’s volunteering at ActionStation like?

Volunteering at ActionStation is quite irregular, it doesn’t usually require you to show up at set times or even leave your house mostly.

Check out our Volunteer Sign up form if you are looking for ways to help out.

A current goal for us is to form a pool of tech volunteers, mainly to help out at our online events. This means largely from the comfort of your couch, think -helping people access a webinar or FB live, monitoring the Zoom chat or muting participants.  So not too high tech. But it could also be helping out with live streaming an event if you are a capable camera person or have audio capture skills.

As we are committed to making our content more accessible, we also would like to hear from you if you feel like helping us with captioning videos or writing up image descriptions.

If any of this speaks out to you, go here to sign up.

Thank you for watching!