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Teach New Zealand and Te Tiriti history to adults

Let's build an Aotearoa where we all learn NZ’s history, te reo is taught and celebrated widely and Tiriti is honoured

Together we can ensure ensure that all New Zealanders are taught about local hapū and iwi history, the context and content of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, colonisation and its impacts.


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Check out the results of our survey of Māori and Pasifika perspectives on armed police

We asked 1,155 Māori and Pasifika people for their whakaaro on police being armed with guns. What we heard couldn't be more clear. 85% did not support the police having guns, and 92% agreed we need to prioritise alternative ways of keeping people safe - like trauma and culture-informed health and mental health professionals being availible and on-call 24/7.

New Zealanders need a guarantee that police will not be routinely armed in the future. That's why we're supporting an urgent Waitangi Tribunal claim - watch this space for more soon.

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Read our report on why we need to transform our welfare system

In good times and in hard times, we should all have the dignity and security of a roof over our head, healthy kai on the table and the essential things we need.

A stable whare (house) is the foundation for a good life. None of us can go about our lives, raise a family, go to work or stay healthy without a warm, dry and safe place to call home.

This is a crowdsourced story-based report that we created with Child Poverty Action Group on the need to transform and reform our welfare system so all children and whānau flourish.


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Our taiohi (young person) powered vision for the future

Between 20 July and 7 August 2018, ActionStation gathered the views of more than 1,000 young people (aged 12 - 24) and a handful of youth workers and policy experts on wellbeing. Find out what we learned.


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Read our report: They’re Our Whānau

They’re Our Whānau is a research collaboration between ActionStation and the University of Otago that sought Māori perspectives on the justice system. It tells the perspective of over 900 Māori survey participants, seven experts through interview, and reviews previous studies in this area.

The release of this research comes at a crucial time. Right now, the government is consulting on justice reform through the Safe and Effective Justice Advisory Panel. Māori voices and views must take prominence in this process.

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Read our report on funding for sexual violence prevention and support services

This research started with the premise that every person, from every community and background, should have access to sexual violence support and healing services when and where they need it. In a country with rates of sexual abuse as devastating as ours, we cannot accept anything less.

Based on our findings, we urge the New Zealand government to significantly increase funding in Budget 2019 for sexual violence prevention, intervention and survivor support services.


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Make a koha to transform our justice system

We work with JustSpeak and others to push for policies that enable a more compassionate justice system. One that prioritises prevention, restoration and rehabilitation, and an end to the over-incarceration of Māori.


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Take action so everyone in New Zealand can live free from sexual violence

We are working with survivors, students and helping professionals to rally for better government policy and more overall funding to prevent, treat and end sexual violence in our country for good.


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Read the report that helped spark the mental health inquiry

Our People’s Mental Health Report received widespread media coverage in 2017, and helped create the political conditions for the mental health inquiry. Read it in full here.


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Find out what life is like for families on low-incomes

Liz, Sam and Jack are a typical Kiwi family. Liz works full-time caring for Jack, while Sam does full-time paid work. Their second child is due in a few months. They're over the moon, but they also know there will be a lot of hard work and tough choices ahead.

Will you help guide them through it using this interactive tool?


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Read our report on public media and broadcasting

A crowdfunded, people-powered review into the current state, and future prospects, of public interest broadcasting and media in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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Read our report on renters' rights

The 2017 election year started with housing high on the agenda. Debate abounded about Auckland house prices and millennials spending too much on avocado on toast. Yet there was little mention of the almost half of the population who rent. Our report with Renters United sought to change that by gathering the perspectives of more than 600 renters.


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