Our campaigns

There are three different kinds of campaigns at ActionStation:

  1. Campaigns started and led by members of our community;
  2. Campaigns started and led by our staff; and
  3. Campaigns run in partnership with values and mission-aligned organisations and community groups

Community campaigns

OurActionStation is a vehicle for members of the ActionStation community to start their own campaigns. The goals for this new project were to:

  • Make it easy for ActionStation members to run - and win - their own campaigns on issues that mattered to them and to others in our community;
  • Give more autonomy and leadership to members of our community, by removing the requirement for someone on our staff team to set a campaign up on our site;
  • Develop campaigning skills within our membership and amongst progressive community groups, grassroots activists and individuals;
  • Achieve more positive change in New Zealand, by supporting members to run and win more campaigns.

When someone starts a campaign on OurActionStation, one of our staff checks it quickly and makes an initial assessment as to whether or not it meets our community standards (which are set out here), and then sends the campaign to our Member Review Panel for them to make a more considered assessment and decision about the campaign. You can read more about this process here.

Core campaigns

Our core campaigns are led by ActionStation staff and are chosen to sit within the following three pou:

  1. Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi: We act together to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and achieve constitutional transformation to fulfill the dreams of those who came before us

  2. Climate Justice: We act together to restore balance between people and the planet

  3. Whānau Wellbeing: We act together to create an economy where every person, family and community have what they need to thrive

Within each of those areas we choose our core campaigns based on a set of criteria that include:

  • Support: Will it help the ActionStation community achieve its goals?
  • Power: Will the campaign motivate, inspire and grow our community?
  • Resources: Do we have the resources to run this campaign?
  • Impact: Will our campaign make a difference to the outcome?
  • Evidence: Do we have a position that understands and reflects the best available evidence and thinking on the issue?
  • Allies: How will the campaign impact our relationships with allies?
  • Balance: Given our other campaigns, how will this campaign provide balance?
  • Urgency: Is the campaign timely?

The decision to launch a core campaign is made by our Director and the team of campaigners, and on the basis of input from our members (in the form of surveys, online discussions and other engagement) and consultations with experts and allies.

Collaborative campaigns

We believe in effective collaboration to turbo-charge positive social change. We work with a wide-range of indivividuals, organisations and community groups. Each collaboration is negotiated on a campaign by campaign basis, and each one is different.

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