Our members

This budding movement is a deliberately broad tent of fair-minded people who want to get things done. It’s our shared values, plus a willingness to act, that makes someone an ‘ActionStation kind of person’. Not your age, income, postcode, ethnicity, gender or political affiliation. We are a vehicle for people to unite independent of the usual labels that divide us.

Whether we’re campaigning to get multinationals to contribute their fair share of taxes, end whānau poverty, clean up our rivers or save our favourite public broadcasters – what all our issues share is a broad commitment to fairness and the common good.

ActionStation members participate in large ways and small, online and on the streets, to make their voices heard – including:

  • Signing petitions, directly contacting and meeting their MPs, sharing content on social media;
  • Answering surveys to help shape our campaign tactics and strategies;
  • Starting their own campaigns using ActionStation’s community site;
  • Becoming media spokespeople for campaigns they know and care about;
  • Hosting and attending meetings to discuss the future of Aotearoa with friends, whānau and strangers;
  • Attending rallies, protests and picket lines;
  • Delivering postcards and flyers, designing and putting up posters;
  • Sharing personal stories and experiences to inform ActionStation’s participatory research;
  • Volunteering their time to help other ActionStation members launch their own campaigns successfully;
  • Reviewing campaign proposals to ensure they are consistent with community values;
  • Proofreading our emails and copy; and
  • Funding the campaigns we work on.

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