Our vision

Our collective crowdsourced vision for the future says:

"In 2040 Aotearoa New Zealand will be a fair and flourishing country with care, creativity, courage and compassion at its core. We will honour te Tiriti o Waitangi and the rights of indigenous people in our constitution, our institutions and in everything we do. Everyone in our country will be proud of Aotearoa New Zealand for the positive role it plays globally.

We will have a robust democracy powered by informed and connected citizens, guided by accountable leaders. In all our decisions, we will put the well-being of everyday people and all forms of life on our precious planet first, and government policies will build a society and economy that truly serves all of us. Every person in our country will be safe, welcome and included and will have enough to live on, a warm, safe place to live and the means and support they need to learn and thrive."

We believe in, and work toward:

HONOURING TE TIRITI O WAITANGI: Our constitution and structures reflect our Treaty commitments, and rangatiratanga is guaranteed to Māori. Every person in Aotearoa New Zealand understands and respects Te Tiriti as our founding document, understands the harm done by colonisation in our country, and works to heal injustices and to see Te Tiriti honoured.

INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE COMMUNITIES: Every person in Aotearoa New Zealand feels safe, welcome and included in communities where resources are shared for common good and all voices are heard.

A FLOURISHING PLANET: Sustainability and the health and well-being of all forms of life are at the heart of government decision-making and will drive our economy so that our natural taonga (treasures) thrive and our rivers, air, oceans and wild places are clean and healthy. We will honour the interdependence of humans and other natural taonga.

EQUALITY AND FAIRNESS: We are a more egalitarian society in which wealth has been distributed more fairly to reduce inequalities, and every person in Aotearoa New Zealand has enough to live on, a warm, safe place to live, and the means and support they need to learn and thrive.

SHARED POWER: Power has been redistributed and decentralised through transparent and accountable government to ensure community interests are not disregarded, and everyday people have more power over their lives and their community, rather than big corporations, the wealthiest 1% and a handful of politicians.

JUSTICE FOR ALL: A more compassionate justice system built on community and connection, which prioritises prevention of crime, restoration of harm and rehabilitation of people, so that every person in Aotearoa New Zealand has access to a justice system which gives them a chance to put right any harm they have done and to build a better future for themselves and their families.

VIBRANT AND TRANSPARENT DEMOCRACY: Aotearoa New Zealand’s transparent participatory democracy, characterised by openness, listening and collaboration for the common good, makes it possible for every person to participate actively in democratic processes, and be listened to on decisions that affect their lives.

EDUCATION FOR ALL: Fully accessible, comprehensive education in Aotearoa New Zealand encourages critical thinking and debate and supports everybody to develop their full potential at all stages of life.

A PROGRESSIVE ROLE FOR AOTEAROA IN THE WORLD: Aotearoa New Zealand maintains an independent, principled and values-based approach to foreign policy, providing humanitarian assistance in conflict zones, international mediation and reconciliation services, and offering refuge to those who need a safe environment in which to thrive.

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